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Miriam Justinger named interim head coach at Tiffin University

Miriam Justinger has been on the fast track for coaching, and that fast track just took another huge step. She is now the interim head coach for Tiffin University.

TIFFIN, Ohio — At just 26 years old, Miriam Justinger is now leading her own college basketball program. 

"Age is just a number," said Justinger. "I think my experiences have made me ready to take on this challenge. Every day I'm sure there is going to be something that I learn and so long as we're learning, growing and doing it together as a unit, we'll be just fine. So I don't think age is a factor and I definitely feel prepared."

Justinger starred at Northview and then went on to have a very successful career at Bowling Green State University. 

As she finished up her college career, she knew that coaching was in her future. While some might say that being so young is an issue, she actually thinks it's an advantage. 

"Especially in the recruiting game and knowing our kids now and what their interests are because I'm not far off of that," said Justinger. "I know what TikTok is, the different emojis and all that stuff. I'm a little outdated with some of it obviously, but I definitely think it helps and I'll use that toward my advantage in the recruiting process. But also just keeping a good connection with the group of girls we have here because they are a special group and a ton of fun to be around."

As you can imagine, this has all happened very quickly, and the last week has certainly been a whirlwind. 

"Bittersweet to see Coach Ivey go," said Justinger. "But definitely excited and super happy for her and the opportunity she has out front for her. It's been a rollercoaster and I've enjoyed every second of it, and the team is, as always, a good group and super fun to be around. So, I'm looking forward to it."