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WTOL 11 is a one-stop shop for your broadcast, streaming, and digital advertising needs. We handle everything in-house, meaning you work directly with your local account executive to determine the best mix of ad platforms relevant to your business and goals. Streamlining your advertising with WTOL means you spend less time dealing with numerous ad providers and more time doing what you do best – managing your business!

Contact a manager to get started today:

Russ Slee – Local Sales Manager - rslee@wtol.com419-248-1180

Sabrina Haskell – Digital Sales Manager – shaskell@wtol.com419-248-1163

Mary Gerken – National Sales Manager – mgerken@wtol.com419-248-1138

Jerry Fairchild – Director of Sales – jfairchild@wtol.com419-248-1133

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Broadcast TV Commercials

WTOL broadcasts some of the most highly-rated TV shows. Coupled with our outstanding morning, evening, and nightly news broadcasts, you're sure to reach the right mix of viewers in order to generate optimal results!

We will:

  • Get to know you, your business, and your advertising goals to develop a compelling commercial relevant to your target audience.
  • Produce a high-quality TV commercial at minimal cost.
  • Work within your budget to find the most appropriate times, programming, and campaign duration.
  • Meet with you as often as you'd like to discuss campaign results, changes, etc.
Streaming TV Commercials (OTT: Over-the-Top)

Every minute, six people cut the cable cord! In fact, over 200 million people stream shows and movies through smart TV's, game consoles, streaming devices, phones, etc. As that number grows, so does the number of your potential customers!

OTT Advertising Benefits:

  • Since viewers choose specific shows or movies to watch, they are more engaged and less likely to “tune out” (and they can't channel surf during commercial breaks)!
  • In-depth targeting that goes beyond location, meaning the right messages are shown to the right viewer – no wasted impressions.
  • Consumers are more likely to recall OTT ads due to their relevancy and because OTT plays fewer ads than broadcast TV. (A 2019 OpenX study found that 72% of OTT consumers recalled seeing a specific ad).
  • A wide-range of reporting options provide insights into the campaign and its results.

WTOL's OTT Advantages:

  • Directly-sourced inventory from 125+ premium, trusted networks and apps (Sling, Roku, HGTV, ESPN, Discovery, MSN, CNN…just to name a few)! Other companies use “open exchanges”, meaning you won't know what network/content your ad will be played on/during. This leaves you vulnerable to fraud and brand-safety issues.
  • WTOL has advanced targeting methods to find your specific audience. We use detailed demographics like zip codes, income, education, consumer interest, intenders (those who have shown intent to buy specific products/services), and more.
  • Unlike some providers, we input a “frequency cap” on your commercial. We've all been irritated by seeing the same commercial run over and over and over! Rest-assured your ads will never run back-to-back or more than 5x a day.
  • WTOL offers transparent, understandable reporting. We'll show you when, where, and on what device your ad played – right down to the last single impression! Our dashboard includes several other reports like video-completion-rate (by the way, our advertisers have a 97% average completion rate), daypart, audience insights, and more.
  • Not only can you meet face-to-face with your account executive, but you'll also have a local WTOL digital ad specialist assigned to your account. They'll monitor your campaign and if needed, work with you to adjust or fine-tune your advertising to maximize results and minimize waste.

Digital Advertising

WTOL offers the full gamut of digital advertising! We work together with our clients to create a custom blend of tactics that will work best for their specific audience, message, goals, and budget. And let's face it, when it comes to any form of advertising, if the right audience isn't seeing your message, your ad dollars are being wasted. That's why WTOL compiles the right target audience for each client by acquiring unstructured data directly from popular websites – no third-party, pre-packaged data.

Huh?! What the heck does that mean and how does it affect you?!

You see, some providers purchase cookie-cutter audience segments that can't be customized. WTOL's platform enables you to create custom audiences based on data such as location, intent-based searches, browsing behavior, content they read, etc. This ensures your message is getting to the right people. How do we know that? We have in-depth reporting on over 100 different elements!

WTOL's Digital Advertising Menu

  • Display/Banner/Video ads
  • WTOL web and app ads or sponsorships
  • Geofencing
  • Search/Site/Contextual Retargeting
  • Digital contests

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