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Truck blocked Findlay polling entrance for 15 minutes on election night

Video shows confrontation between truck driver and volunteer poll workers.

FINDLAY, Ohio — As we explained leading up to Election Day, there are laws in place that don't allow any campaigning within 100 feet from Ohio polling places.

But that law led to a 15 minute confrontation in Findlay on the day of the election.

"An individual was trying to drive through a polling location parking lot with 'Trump' flags displayed. Some other individuals stopped him from doing so. There was a verbal altercation and the police were called," said Findlay Mayor, Christina Muryn.

This video of the incident was recorded just before 6 p.m. on election night, after the driver of the truck tried to pull into the polling place parking lot at south Main Street and Lima Avenue.

But he was stopped by poll workers, who told the man by law, he cold not bring campaign signage any closer to the polling place entrance.

The driver then claimed he was a former police officer and knows the law, and said he couldn't back out of the drive onto Main Street, before parking his vehicle and eventually calling police.

After about 15 minutes the driver eventually left. The director of the Hancock County board of elections Lori Miller said she was pleased with how her volunteer poll workers handled the situation with the assistance of local police. 

"They did a wonderful job, they alerted us right away. And they did a wonderful job of reporting that incident and getting it under control," said Miller.

"I think tensions are high, and that trickles down. And I'm glad that nothing serious happened, folks were able to vote, and hopefully we can all take a deep breath and move through this,'  said Muryn.

Currently, there are no charges pending from this incident, but the Findlay Police investigation is ongoing.

A link to the original video can be found on Youtube here.

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