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Perrysburg City Council approves zoning change

Some residents oppose the plan and worry more residential property will complicate traffic, burden schools.

UPDATE: Perrysburg City Council has approved the zoning change.

The original report is below.

Perrysburg City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on a zoning change that could bring more residential housing to the city.

The proposal would change the zoning for a property on Carronade Drive, near Kroger, from commercial to residential. 

Council also is expected to review plans for a developer to build an apartment complex on the site.

Some residents are unhappy with the proposed change

"I feel like the city has an obligation to do some of that research to see how this change is going to impact our schools and our city and be very transparent about that," Danielle Tracy said. "I don't think it's very transparent to do this under emergency authorization and kind of slide it under the rug in the dark of night and get this passed."

She's not the only concerned resident as a social media post about the proposal attracted more than 70 comments, many of them negative. 

Tracy said the zoning change, which will add more housing to the city, could affect the school system, which she says is already overcrowded. She also is concerned the zoning change could result in a larger future tax levy to accommodate that growth.

Tracy also said she is concerned with the congestion in that area, which is near I-75.

"They already had a study going on about the congestion in that area at that intersection, wanting to put in a roundabout," she said. "So, all of these very well documented problems, I feel like this one decision is just going to make all of those problems worse."

City Council President Jonathan Smith said the zoning request came from the property owner and not from the city council or administration.

 "We [the board] are looking at making a decision if this change is an appropriate zoning use of the property based on the request by the property owner," he said. 

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