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Perrysburg weighs Levis Commons DORA

The idea for a DORA location at Levis Commons was brought to Perrysburg City Council back in 2019, but it was denied.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — There could soon be another DORA location in Perrysburg.

A "DORA" is a designated area where adults can walk around outside with a drink in hand.

The goal is to get a DORA approved for Levis Commons and expand the current DORA that is already in downtown Perrysburg.

"I think it's awesome, I can't wait for it, I think it's going to bring so much business into this area," Bar Loui General Manager Icksoo Choe said.

Shoppers seem to agree. Some said they think it will make more people want to get out and spend time at the outdoor mall.

"I think it's a great idea, especially in the summertime. People could be more social, go back to normal," David Caudell said.

That could also mean more customers for the shops.

"It's going to be great for times like the art fair and that way our guests can go out there and look at the art work and have a beer or a cocktail rather than, 'Oh, I can't look at this art work because I want to have a beer at this restaurant,'" Choe said.

It's an idea that was brought to Perrysburg City Council back in 2019, but it was denied.

"They could only give out one DORA at that time and downtown Perrysburg got it," Levis Commons Marketing Director Kelly Mossing said.

But, thanks to a newly passed law, areas can now have more than one DORA.

"This year, we feel very confident that we will get it," Mossing said.

Some, however, are skeptical of the potential DORA, and are concerned that drinking could get out of control.

Mossing said they plan to have regulations in place.

"We have plenty of security here. If anything goes awry, if anyone gets out of hand with it, it will be handled right away," Mossing said.

There is also an effort to expand the DORA already in downtown Perrysburg.

City council has set a public hearing for May 3 to discuss it.