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Firefly Nights return to Bowling Green

The festival is back on Main Street for the first time since 2019.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Firefly Nights are back on Main Street in Bowling Green. The street festival hasn't been held since 2019, but people are glad it's back with some great weather.

"This is the rebirth of it, and great time to come out and reconnect with all of our community friends. Folks have been looking forward to it and the weather finally cooperated. It's a beautiful night," long-time BG resident Doug Krieger said.

The festival had food trucks, art, music and much more for the family.

"We're super excited to have it back in the community. We hope that lots of families come out to enjoy it tonight, despite the wind, we're hoping it still draws lots of families," activity organizer Amber Hines said.

One of the vendors, Green Crow Plants, hadn't been a part of Firefly Nights in the past, and are excited to finally have the chance.

"It has been really awesome. I'm excited to do a lap around the vendors. It's a little windy but it's really nice out," co-founder Greer Bowley said.

Not only that but local brick-and-mortar businesses are excited to have all the foot traffic. Juniper Brewing Company opened in 2021 and is finally seeing the community get together for a night of food and entertainment.

"We're just super excited to get any chance to get people to come to downtown Bowling Green. We always opened up with the idea of being a part of the downtown business community, and to promote Bowling Green, and to do what we can to be a compliment to all the fabulous businesses that are already here," co-owner Zach Tracy said.

Firefly Nights are also happening on the third Friday in July and August.


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