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Bowling Green business gives creators space, tools to boost their creativity 24/7

From a 3D printer to a woodshop, the only maker space workshop in northwest Ohio welcomes everyone who is looking to craft a piece.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Big Fab Lab, located in N. Main Street inside the Woodland Mall, has been open for five years and is the only maker space in northwest Ohio. 

But what exactly is a maker’s space workshop you might ask?

"So, maker space is a 24/7 do it yourself workshop. There are a lot of people that just have a passion to build something and we wanted to create a space to be available to see those people who have a passion to create, don’t have the money for the big tools, and don’t have the space in their own houses to install these tools”, Big Fab Lab founder Mark Bowlus said/

From 3D printers to a woodshop, this place welcomes everyone who is looking to craft a piece that is completely original.

"You can make all sorts of things, so your imagination is your only limitation here,” Bowlus said.

If you’re looking for a place with a relaxing atmosphere to study or something to do with the kids, they have tons of things to do here.

“We got a little bit of everything here for every kind of person young and old artists engineers techie people hobbyist we got 16 thousand square feet of a playground for all sorts of people,” Big Fab Lab co-founder Judy Bowlus said.

Whether you’re looking for a place to release your creative side or for a date night, Big Fab Lab is open 24 hours for so you can stop by any time you’d like.

“If you have an and unusual work schedule, if you’re late person, if you’re a procrastinator and you need to hurry up and accomplish whatever the project is you’re working on, or you just have a burst of inspiration and you need to address that right now, we are 24/7," Judy Bowlus said. "So, you can come swipe yourself in and get on your equipment and get going." 

For more information on becoming a member of Big Fab Lab or stopping by for a tour click here 

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