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ODOT crews ready for the first major snowstorm of the year

In preparing for a winter storm, work doesn't just start when the snow begins to fall. It's happening in the days and hours leading up to the storm.

MONCLOVA, Ohio — Tuesday was busy for Ohio Department of Transportation crews as they made final preparations for the coming winter storm on Wednesday.

Work doesn't just start when the snow begins to fall, it begins days before and continues until the severe weather is through. Crews gather road salt, clean trucks and pre-treat the roads.

"We were waiting but we did end up being able to apply the brine, which is the white chalky stripes that you see on the roadway," ODOT District 2 public information officer Kelsie Hoagland said. "It's definitely been a busy day here making sure the plows are greased up and ready to go, but the crew is ready."

The day before a storm is always an important one because the drier weather makes the salt mixture more effective.

And plow drivers say Tuesday's conditions were perfect.

But, they know the incoming storm will be different than what the Toledo area has seen so far this winter, and safety is top of mind.

"What do I need to do to get that road safe for my family to travel down?" ODOT highway technician Joshua Doughty said. "If my family is traveling down that road, that's my goal. If it's my family out there, I want that road to be safe for them."

If you do have to go out, ODOT wants to remind you to slow down, turn your lights on and make sure the drivers have some space.

Meanwhile, ODOT will be working around the clock to ensure the roads are as safe as possible.

"Drivers are going to be rolling into shifts at midnight tonight," Hoagland said. "They'll start that midnight to noon, then noon to midnight. They will remain that way until the storm has completely passed and roads are restored to normal. It's going to be several days that they're in those shifts." 

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