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Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: Feb. 23, 2020

Guests include Robert Smith and Scott Hayes.
Credit: WTOL

TOLEDO, Ohio — It's something that's so prevalent that one in 59 kids born today will have it. Just 10 years ago, that figure was one in 110. It is autism and it's not just one thing. It involves a variety of disorders that have a range, often called the autism spectrum.

It costs those who deal with it greatly, from those with autism to the families, and others, who care for them.

Ahead, the energy behind an amazing effort in our town, now approaching its 13th year, to help those living with autism.

But first, the story of a legacy being told in our town. The legacy of African Americans, born here, or who came here, who excelled here and, often, excelled on the nation's and world's stages. The heritage is rich and crosses virtually every discipline known to us, from sports to science and everywhere in between. 

I'm proud to welcome to my Leading Edge table the keeper of the African American Legacy Project, Robert Smith. 

It's something one in 100 people in the world has. More than 3.5 million Americans have autism spectrum disorder. Its prevalence in the United States estimated at one in 59 births. I'm betting you know someone who has autism or the family of someone with the developmental disorder. Those folks face a lot of challenges, many of those are expensive as they deal with a life with autism. 

"And I'm supposed to do what with that information, Jerry?" Well, something. And I think I have just the thing. Say hi to Scott Hayes, entertainer and part of the project "iAm," the organization that puts on an incredible day and evening of the best musical entertainment in the region, "acoustics for autism." 

Scott is also the drummer for the wildly popular 'Arctic Clam,' which, of course, will be playing. He is paired in life, with "Acoustics" founder, and now judge, Nicole Khoury. 

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