TOLEDO, Ohio —

Ohio Sen. Teresa Fedor, D-Toledo.

Ahead, a most inspiring story of a young person facing some challenges, as he says, through no fault of his own. 

How he navigated the troubled waters of bullying in younger days and why he says he's actually grateful for the physical challenges he faces. He was here with his college division one head coach. 

But first, state lawmakers punt, for now, the issue for EdChoice. Deadlines extended, now lawsuits filed. It's a mess, but one of their own creation. Ohio Sen. Teresa Fedor, D-Toledo, back at my table for the first time in about six months.

EdChoice, your child attends a school which some matrix labels as "failing" and that child can now attend a private school, the cost paid by the state and the student's former district — a lot of public money going private. As of the first of this month, the number of Ohio schools branded with this "EdChoice" label was set to skyrocket to over 1,200. 

But wait, that's on hold as lawmakers try to rein in the program they established and which, some say, threatens public education as we have known it in this state.

BGSU volleyball team manager and coach

With all the "stuff," political and otherwise, that swirls around us as we walk life's paths, there are stories of inspiration if we just look for them. Sometimes, they just find us, as did this one.

Danijela Tomic coaches the Bowling Green State University's volleyball team. They recently competed in the mid-American conference tournament championship game, were 2017 and 2018 back-to-back regular-season mac champs. 

She guided the team to the NCAA tournament during her first year at BG. She can coach. 

And next to her is Justin Jaquis, a student manager for the team who happens to have cerebral palsy. At 15 days old, you have a seizure, the cerebral palsy is diagnosed. Nothing you can control but have to deal with. 

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