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City of Perrysburg ending curbside glass recycling in favor of designated drop-off locations; mayor reacts to residents' concerns

Starting May 10, glass will not be accepted curbside. Instead, glass items will need to be dropped off. O-I Glass will then turn the items into new bottles and jars.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Perrysburg city leaders are making a big change when it comes to recycling. 

Starting May 10, the City of Perrysburg will no longer accept glass bottles and containers in curbside recycling. Instead, residents will have to drop off those recyclable items at a selected location.

The city announced the decision was made in an effort to better manage taxpayer money. 

However, starting Thursday, Perrysburg is partnering with O-I Glass to accept those bottles, jars and drinking glasses. O-I will then turn them into new glass bottles and jars. 

The city says having residents deliver their glass to a drop-off location saves more than $100 per ton.

Drop-off Locations:

• O-I Glass Recycling Drop-Off Center (1890 Wilkinson Way), Available daily dawn to dusk
• Department of Public Service (11980 Roachton Road), Monday through Friday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm (excluding holidays)
• Department of Public Utilities (211 East Boundary), Monday through Friday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm (excluding holidays)

Many of you have shared that you're on board with the change while many of you have also raised some questions and concerns.

Which is why WTOL 11 met with Mayor Tom Mackin to get you your answers. 

Some neighbors say that they won't even bother recycling glass anymore but, the mayor says this is something the city expected. Any time there is change, there's going to be some people who are frustrated. However, he thinks most Perrysburg residents understand what they're trying to accomplish.

"Understand that we're working with O-I to create a natural method for recycling glass that's cost effective, that's efficient, that also takes us to the next step and allows the glass to be recycled," said Mackin.

Many Perrysburg residents also wanted to know -- will their city tax bill will go down?

Mackin says Perrysburg has not changed its tax rate since the 70s.

"Our tax rate has been the same. And people often talk about 'my taxes,' and all that. The city's tax rate has not changed for a long time. The cost of operations has gone up, but we've also grown as a community, so there's been a balance in there," said Mackin.

So where will the money go that residents are still paying?

"The savings are going to be put back into other efforts to improve recycling, make sure we continue to operate the use of city's funds in the best way possible," he explained.


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