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COVID 19: Changing Our Lives | March 21: Finding the beauty in life

Exercise, nature, empty airports and Thanksgiving in March - these are things on our mind today.

Brian Dugger

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I am a stress exerciser. I get stressed, I exercise.

I have run eight marathons, so, obviously, I get stressed a lot.

My running days are pretty much over, however. Runners will tell you that it's a myth that running makes your knees get bad. But, I'm a runner who has had three knee surgeries in his lifetime, and the daily pounding was too much.

Now, I have been spending a lot of time on the exercise bike in my living room. It is hooked up to a big tablet, which allows me to join live, daily classes.

One of my favorite instructors, Alex Toussaint, said something on Saturday morning that really resonated with me: "Rather than waking up mad and sad, wake up and find the beauty in life."

It's the hard thing to do right now, right? But emotionally, this is going to be a marathon. The negativity of the events of the day will eventually beat us all down if we don't get away from it.

I challenge everyone to find that happy place, to find something that gives you hope or something to look forward to when you wake up every morning.

This past Thanksgiving was one of the best. My kids, Nick and Gabrielle, and my wife, Victoria, did Thanksgiving ourselves. We each got two dishes to make, and we made them while laughing and singing.

Next week, we are having another Thanksgiving.

I love the smell of Thanksgiving dinner being prepared, the richer, tastier smells building throughout the day. Hopefully, we laugh and sing, and forget about life for a while.

One day this will be over, and families will once again scatter. But, for now, I choose to cherish the times with family and to find the beauty in life. My hope for you is that you can do the same.


  • Coronavirus cases in the United States surge past 21,000. The totals climb to 247 in Ohio and 787 in Michigan.
  • Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine orders the closure of adult disability centers.
  • Italy reports 793 deaths in one day.
  • FDA approves a rapid diagnostic test that can detect the virus in 45 minutes.