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Toledo leaders respond to rising homicide numbers

53 homicides have happened so far this year. That's up from 46 this time in 2020.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Homicide is on the rise in Toledo.

And with the mayoral election coming up in just under a month, both current mayor Wade Kapsezukiewicsz and former mayor and current mayoral candidate Carty Finkbeiner are laying out their plans to stop the violence.

While the candidates might arguments to contrary, they actually seem to be in agreement on how best to deal with the issue of rising homicides.

Both men have laid out plans for increasing neighborhood policing with a focus on community outreach, and both are for social programs that reach out to kids in rougher neighborhoods and give them positive community influences.

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"We had [during Finkbeiner's time in office] policemen and women out of the cars and walk[ing]. That's hugely important for police officers to gain the respect they want to have by getting them into one on-one situations with friends and neighbors in the neighborhood," said Finkbeiner at a press conference on gun violence on October 6th.

Wade Kapszukiewicz, the Mayor of Toledo, agreed with his rival for the need for more community policing, but was quick to point out that Finkbeiner has not always shared the same position.

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"You can not do the sort of neighborhood policing that we need if you don't have enough police officers, and beginning with - unfortunately - Carty laying off police officers, beginning with that moment the size of the force has gone down and down and down," said Kapszukiewicz.

As for which mayor will be able to put their plans into action, that will be decided at the ballot box in November.