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Toledo police investigating deaths in Wednesday fire as murder-suicide

Two bodies were recovered during a house fire on Leybourn Avenue Wednesday. The Lucas County Coroner's Office ruled the deaths a homicide and a suicide.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo police are investigating the deaths in Wednesday's west Toledo fire as a murder-suicide, according to a report from the Lucas County Coroner's Office. 

On Wednesday, Toledo Fire & Rescue responded to the scene of a fire on the 3800 block of Leybourn Avenue shortly after 12:30 p.m. Crews controlled the blaze and recovered the bodies of 47-year-old Angela Baldwin and 47-year-old Scott Baldwin from the structure. 

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After conducting autopsies on the two deceased, the Lucas County Coroner's Office ruled multiple gunshot wounds the cause of death for Angela Baldwin, and a gunshot wound to the head for Scott Baldwin. The manner of Angela Baldwin's death was ruled a homicide and Scott Baldwin was ruled a suicide. 

Police are investigating the incident as a murder-suicide. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

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