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A lesson in 'thirst-aid' with Ladder 419

Renovated fire truck "Tapped 419" has a mission to extinguish thirst with locally made beers including from HEAVY Beer Company.

TOLEDO, Ohio — While there are a variety of unique beer experiences this one requires a “thirst-responder.” 

Owner Kevin Mullan renovated a firetruck into a service to connect people with northwest Ohio small businesses.

“A firetruck is the one vehicle you sort of never miss when it drives past you,” Kevin said in reply to why he chose a fire truck. He continued with “everybody seems to love firetrucks.”

From the beginning, Kevin envisioned his service being on a firetruck but there was a short time he contemplated settling for a trailer. After consulting with his wife on the idea she expressed that the firetruck is going to stand out far more than a trailer. Not long after that conversation, he found Tapped 419 from Facebook Marketplace and began renovations.

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Credit: WTOL 11

With an expectation of doing about 15 events a year, Tapped 419 will finish out 2021 serving at 90 events. Among those events are the Promenade Park Holiday Cheer events. Kevin shared that he often said, "as long as it's cold, it can be served off the truck" but for these holiday cheer events, things are a little different.

“We’ll be doing hot chocolate off the truck and so you can come up where you normally get a beer, we’re going pull a tap and you’re going get piping hot chocolate,” Kevin said.

Credit: WTOL 11

Local was always at the heart of the vision for Ladder 419. “The whole point of the truck is you can serve anything but we push local,” Kevin said.

It’s evident local is top of mind at many of Tapped 419’s appearances throughout the city, even during this conversation. One of the beers on tap is from HEAVY Beer Company.

Credit: WTOL 11

Co-founder of HEAVY Beer Company Dustin Wade may look familiar from a previous highlight done with Toledo Spirits. He shared how HEAVY Beer Company is about living your heavy and best version of your life. He continued with “whatever you’re heavy into, we’re heavy into.”

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Another thing to note about HEAVY Beer Company is its approach. Dustin shared how they wanted their beer to meet people where they are. These intentions expand the craft beer community and make it more inclusive.

Credit: WTOL 11

While grabbing a HEAVY Beer Company brew off Tapped 419 is fun, beer coinsures can also enjoy their brews at several locations. One of them is located under Toledo Spirits.

The Underground, located at 1301 Summit St., opened May 4, 2021. By the end of 2021, Heavy Beer Company will be expanding to Oak Openings at Heavy Wheelhouse serving coffee. Dustin expressed that Heavy Beer Company hopes they will be brewing at the Heavy Wheelhouse in early 2022. A third location is in the works at 1301 Adams St.

Credit: WTOL 11

The craft beer community is unique in its personality and willingness to collaborate. In appreciation for helping share local brews with the community on Tapped 419 Dustin shared this with Kevin:

“On behalf of the breweries around town thank you for everything you’re doing, for all of us as well. Spreading the word and sharing the wealth and putting delicious locally made beer into people’s mouths across the city of Toledo.”

Credit: WTOL 11

Tapped 419 connects the community with many locally brewed beers, including HEAVY Beer Company, through a fun, unique experience. Whether you choose "thirst-aid" or to go "underground," there are plenty of spirits waiting for a "cheers."