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Woodmore twins sharing successes through competition on and off the court

Hunter and Brooke Allen have used their bond of being twins to become standouts on the court at Woodmore High School.

ELMORE, Ohio — Woodmore twins Hunter and Brooke Allen did something pretty special. Both scoring 26 points in their games on the same night.

Being twins has helped them become standouts in their own right on the court.

A sibling rivalry can get pretty intense, but when it comes to twins...

“I was born first," said Hunter.

“He was born first, and I was taller than him my whole life up until sophomore year," said Brooke. 

See what I mean?

Hunter and Brooke Allen both play basketball for Woodmore High School, and they are both really good. Brooke reached 1,000 points and Hunter is a force to be reckoned with too. 

Getting to this point started with pick up games in the driveway, which can get a little intense.

"It gets pretty heated sometimes," said Hunter. "A lot of pretty tough check-ups, that's for sure."

"It definitely gets super competitive," said Brooke. "We'll call mom and dad out to referee sometimes or our little brother will be like 'come and watch this.' It's super exciting, but we definitely push each other hard. Going easy on each other is not going to do anything for either one of us."

When it comes to who wins a game of one-on-one, it depends on the day. Neither goes down without a fight.

But no matter how competitive these two get, one thing is very obvious; there’s nothing like having your twin with you every step of the way.

"It just makes me really proud to see both of our successes transfer to the gym," said Brooke. "They're doing great things. I'm really proud of how the boy's team is doing thus far."

"I love the competition, just having someone there, she's my best friend," said Hunter. "Just having someone there to play against all the time is really nice."

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