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20-minute Dundee, Michigan fireworks show over in half a minute

Dundee police say the mishap was the result of someone hitting the "wrong button/fuse".

DUNDEE, Mich. — People who headed out to the Dundee Mayfly Music Festival at Wolverine Park on Friday night showed up for an exciting fireworks show.

And that’s exactly what they got.

However, instead of 20 minutes worth of high-flying, multi-colored, explosion-y fun the show began and ended in a span of about 32 seconds.

According to the Dundee Police Department Facebook page, the seriously shortened show was the result of a mishap.

Apparently workers in charge of setting off the fireworks accidentally “ignited the wrong fuse/button” treating everyone to an intense half-minute of fireworks action.

Commenters on the Facebook post had a lot of fun with the news.

Yes that was it. The 32 seconds of fireworks was accidental. Apparently workers ignited the wrong fuse/button. So everyone was treated to 20 minutes of fireworks in 32 seconds.

Posted by Dundee Police Department on Friday, June 17, 2022

Commenter Diane Schroeder said the show was nearly perfect for people who don’t like fireworks or who have dogs that don’t like fireworks.

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Others wondered why there is even a button that would set off all the fireworks at once.

And in an apparent reference to amorous encounters, commenter Melissa Farmer said, "Story of my life....expected 20 min and got 32 seconds!!!!"

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It’s unknown what organizers spent on the half minute of entertainment.


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