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Toledo man behind bars after allegedly breaking into a former city councilman's home

The man is accused of trespassing on properties throughout the Old West End.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A Toledo man is behind bars after allegedly breaking into a former city councilman's home in the Old West End.

Tyreece Richardson is charged with burglary and trespassing.

He was arraigned in Toledo Municipal Court on Friday with bond set at $20,000.

The Old West End is a close community. Former city councilman Steve Steel has lived there for 33 years.

"It's very close-knit, especially our block. We get together for dinners and we go out socially, etc. I have a lot of good friends in the neighborhood," Steel said.

But in all his years living there, he said he's never experienced a night like the one he had Tuesday. 

Steel said he was home watching TV with his wife and daughter, when he suddenly heard a noise.

"Our daughter said she thought she heard the side door open. We have a cat and a dog and I thought maybe it was something else in the other room," Steel said. "So we muted the television and heard a noise. I looked to the side and saw the cat, so clearly something was up. Went over and saw that a man had come into our house."

Richardson is accused of trespassing on multiple properties, looking into their windows, and in Steel's case, breaking into his house. Some neighbors have referred to him as the "Old West End Creeper."

"I confronted him and said he had to leave, and in the meantime, my daughter called 911," Steel said.

Richardson eventually left the house, only to return minutes later and look through the window. He was eventually arrested by Toledo police a few doors down. Steel said what's most important is that Richardson gets the help he needs.

"Obviously this is a person that has a history of antisocial behavior. I don't know what the reasoning is but it seems like he needs a different direction in life, and needs help, and I hope he gets the help that he needs," Steel said.

According to court documents, Richardson has pled guilty to breaking into homes before. In 2013 he broke into a home. A woman had fallen asleep on her couch and awoke to find Richardson pulling a blanket off her body. She screamed and Richardson left the home.

A year later, Richardson broke into another home. In that case, a woman sleeping awoke to Richardson stealing her purse. She would later find the purse in the house minus the cash.

Finally, in 2018, Richard broke into a home and stole a set of car keys. That was at a home in the Old West End.