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Port Clinton to shore up Lakshore Drive revetment in 2023

Mayor Mike Snider says it has more than likely been about 80 years since the revetment was properly maintained

PORT CLINTON, Ohio — A vital entryway into the city of Port Clinton along the Lake Erie shore is far overdue for some maintenance.

The stretch of Lakeshore Drive north of the city drawbridge is a primary way into the city of Port Clinton.

Rising Lake Erie water levels in recent years, combined with a few nor'easter storms, have degraded the revetment, which is the rock wall that protects the road from eroding. 

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Mayor Mike Snider said it has probably been nearly 80 years since this revetment has been properly maintained. 

"And that is the real issue, because of the wave action the small boulders and rocks have been eroded away, and now we're seeing some of these massive 4-, 5-, 6-ton boulders being pushed around by the wave action, and that's not good for anybody." Snider said.

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So, as part of the city's $34 million Forward Looking Infrastructure Project, Port Clinton plans to spend at least $4 million to improve the revetment.

And if additional funding becomes available through the state or federal agencies, they would also like to move the road 6 feet south and farther away from the lake shore.

"Over Memorial Day weekend last year was probably the most severe experience that anyone can ever remember in this area. We had some undercutting of the road, we had to keep it closed for a little bit, we had to bring in ODOT to help us out. They had the tools and technology and equipment to repack the underside and they even had to cut some of the roadway out." Snider said.

Credit: Jon Monk

More than fixing the lake shore, city officials want to ensure everyone in the area has safe access into the city.

"For the township just to the west of us, Erie Township, it's the main corridor into the city and into our downtown. And it's the main corridor for emergency services to get from that side of town into the hospital. So it is very, very critical," Snider said.

The citywide infrastructure project is set to begin this fall, but the revetment upgrades at Lakeshore Drive will more than likely wait until July of 2023.

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