MONROE, Michigan — Monroe County Commissioner Greg Moore Jr. was sentenced to six months probation for failing to report his early morning February accident to police.

District Court Judge William Nichols also fined Moore $550 and said he could be sent to jail for up to 90 days if he violates his probation.

Moore's attorney, William Godfroy, argued that he has represented hundreds of clients in similar situations, and they are typically fined and do not receive probation. He also pointed out that Moore spends many hours a month doing community service. But Nichols was not swayed.

According to a sheriff's report, Moore went around multiple road closed signs on Temperance Road in February, before eventually hitting two sets of trees.

An 11 Investigates report dug into Moore's driving record, which includes more than 30 violations and 18 speeding tickets.

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When approached by 11 Investigates after the hearing, Moore refused to comment.