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Two missionaries shoveled driveways for others during the winter storm

Jarrett Jones and Spencer Olson clearing 15 houses in Adrian

ADRIAN, Mich. — The winter storm covered most of Adrian, Michigan in a thick layer of snow. Most residents were forced to dig themselves out, but two young men decided they were right for the job.

Jarrett Jones and Spencer Olson were out shoveling driveways in one Adrian neighborhood. The pair isn't doing it for the money, or because it's a chore. They're doing it to serve others.

"Having a big blizzard coming up, so I figured might as well help everyone out and do the same thing," Jones said.

Jones and Olson are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utah. Jones has spent the last six months serving people in southeastern Michigan. They previously raked leaves for the community in the fall.

Neighbors and community members say they appreciate the acts of kindness.

"He just really wants to go out and serve and do good, so I think that says a lot. Especially in today's age to see a 20-year-old get out there, just doing it to help other people, that says a lot about him," neighbor Shelly Evans said.

Evans became acquainted with Jones through the church. She says after the two shovel driveways, she's compensated them with warm meals and hot chocolate.

This is not a weather-related business venture. Jones and Olson aren't taking donations. They're just using days like these to lend a helping hand.

"Always want to help, but we just wanna go out and do it for free. We just want to help people out."

Jones says he and Olson will shovel at least 15 driveways. Given the rate of snowfall in Adrian, the two will have their work cut out for them.

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