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Local nun creates board game with COVID-19 theme

'Thrive' is a creative, fun way for friends and family to stay connected while socially distanced. It turns pandemic themes into a strategic, educational game.

TOLEDO, Ohio — If you're looking for some fun while social distancing, one area nun has a solution for you.

We spoke with the inventor of a new board game called Thrive, which provides a fun way to stay connected and pass the time during the ongoing pandemic.

Sister Nancy Linenkugel created Thrive. The game is meant for everyone, young and old, and serves as a light-hearted way to learn how to protect yourself if you happen to be exposed to the coronavirus. 

"So why not combine something fun to do - a board game - with learning about the precautions for COVID? So that is how the game became," explained Linenkugel.

The concept of the game is simple - in order to win you have to earn the most handwashing, hand sanitation and social distancing markers on the board. Those who played Thrive say they approve of this game. 

"It's a really fun, cool game especially for your younger kids when you're trying to teach them, to kind of stress the importance of being safe and wearing your mask and washing your hands and social distancing," said Thrive player Jana Whitmore. "And it gives a lot examples of different situations where you have to decide what to do to keep keep safe."

Because this board game can be printed online, Sister Nancy says you can even enjoy Thrive virtually, as she did over the Thanksgiving holiday with her siblings. 

"We had a fine time! We were doing it via Zoom, they were wherever they were and I was here, and we all did our game on Zoom," said Linenkugel. 

If you're interested in playing Thrive with your own family and friends, you can click here to print the game out and play!   

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