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Glass City River Wall meets Kickstarter goal to complete project

Organizers raised $50,000 to complete the largest mural in the country. Now, the mural could become the largest in the world.

TOLEDO, Ohio — UPDATE: The Glass City River Wall met its Kickstarter goal on Dec. 28!

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The "Finishing the Glass City River Wall" Kickstarter has had 119 backers in the last two days raising $8,557 of their $50,000 goal with only 30 days left in the fundraiser. 

Organizers have set a deadline of December 31 for the campaign.

The Glass City River Wall is about 85% done right now with some clothes and a few sunflowers left to be painted, but because of some unexpected costs and Mother Nature, organizers are turning to the community to help get it finished.

"We can include everyone at the table, which is really the spirit of this project, to have everybody far and wide look at that iconic art piece and say 'I'm a piece of that,'" Project Manager Christina Kasper said.

She adds that there is no template for this project because no one's ever done it before, specifically in the Midwest.

Kasper said that they're butting up against some weather issues and the global supply chain crisis.

Those issues forced the project to be put on hold for two-and-a-half weeks while they waited for paint.

Kasper also is hoping to be able to invest more into the educational component of the mural.

"We started to realize how important that was going to be for the community. So that's a bit of an overage, not a ton. But we've gotten so much feedback about that already," Kasper said, "so we knew that was going to be a really important part."

If the Kickstarter raises more than their goal, Kasper said they're hoping to add lights, create a park where you can take pictures and maybe even paint the back of the silos facing east Toledo.

Kasper said, "It would be really great to paint the backside so that not only is it a gift to the city of Toledo facing forward but also the east side facing backwards."

If the other side gets painted it will be the largest mural in the world.

You can donate to or check out the Kickstarter here.