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Entire day of snowfall covers the streets of several counties in northwest Ohio

Residents look at the positive side and say the snow is a sign the holidays are here.
Credit: Roxanne Elias
Tiffin, Ohio, covered in the season's first snowfall on Nov. 30.

TOLEDO, Ohio — From downtown Toledo, all the way to Tiffin and back, WTOL tracked the snowfall and drivers navigating through it on Monday.

We first drove down I-75 for our first stop in downtown Findlay where the snow was quickly getting heavier.

Most of it sticking to sidewalks and on cars driving through the area.

There were also a few plow trucks drive by as crews dropped salt and brine on the roads.

The snow seemed to quickly turn into slush as soon as drivers drove through it.

Then, after spending about an hour in Findlay, our crew drove on U-S 224 where it was safe to drive about 40 miles an hour to head to Tiffin.

Once downtown, the snowfall seemed to have slowed down and the wind was more bearable than in Findlay.

There, the roads were wet and the snow was practically melting as it hit the pavement.

It didn't seem to faze drivers at all as several people were still out.

A couple of mothers and their sons leaving karate practice in down Tiffin, say they were looking forward the snow.

"I love it because when I first got home, I just started playing in it," said Austin Harrison who was being picked up by his mother. 

"Oh yeah, we love it. I think it's fun. It's you know, that time of year. Makes it perfect for the whether so. We got the Christmas decorations out, so everything looks great," added Angie Harrison, Austin's mother. 

"I like the snow so this first time good except for having to drive to work and back. It might be a little iffy in the morning, said Meladie Croy, a mother picking up her son from karate. 

Both mothers say they have several years of experience driving in the snow and their best advice is to allow yourself enough time to remove ice from your car in the morning. Also, drive slow and take extra precautions.