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Childcare providers and parents react to classes returning to full capacity

On Tuesday, Gov. Mike DeWine announced childcare facilities could return in full on August 9, vowing to keep a close eye on COVID-19 cases in the event of an uptick.

TOLEDO, Ohio — On Tuesday, Governor Mike DeWine announced childcare facilities would be able to go back to their regularly permitted, pre-coronavirus number of children per classroom on August 9. 

Following the announcement, there were mixed feelings among parents who will have their children in those classes. 

However, Childcare Adventures in Toledo and its parents are planning to deal with the decision to expand once again beyond caring only for the children of essential workers.

"With the pandemic, it was very essential. Like me being one of many essential workers that's working in the healthcare field right now," said Jaquena Campbell, a medical assistant, who has her seven month old son enrolled at Childcare Adventures.  

Fatima Abdel Karim, the director and owner of Childcare Adventures, says it's a day she's been looking forward to hearing. 

"I was in our childcare community. Was waiting for something to happen. It was getting... It's getting difficult for us to do what we're doing." 

Abdel Karim says there is some sense of relief that providers can go back to a normal class ratio. 

This comes after Governor Mike DeWine gave the green light, vowing to keep a close eye on COVID-19 cases. 

"We still have some families that are scared to come back or go back to work even. But I think we're coming along. I mean, it can't last forever," said Abdel Karim. 

The director also says she's following all the guidelines in order to fulfill the needs of her parents. 

Campbell is just one of those many parents who need childcare to continue working in their field.

"If you gotta get out here and to go to work, that's what you have to do. I mean, these are the chances that we're taking. I mean, we take them everyday when we go to the store. The grocery store. Family members. Everywhere," said Campbell. 

So far, Abdel Karim can't say if Childcare Adventures will go back to full classes, as they are waiting for a further conversation. 

"I think it's a very good step in the right direction. Again, we still have to sit down with our parents, our staff, input, see what's best for the children. When it comes down to it, what's best for the children and the families," said Abdel Karim. 

However they decide, Campbell says she is behind them all the way. 

"I been walking through this whole pandemic with faith. If mean chances are they open up for bigger classes, that's on them. I commend them and all we can do is pray," said Campbell.