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BGSU students voice concerns after alleged hazing incident and death of Stone Foltz

Students say they are upset things like this happen when it could be avoided. They believe it shouldn't take a student's death to address issues with Greek life.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Students at Bowling Green State University a feeling a range of emotions following the death of BGSU sophomore Stone Foltz. 

The most prominent feeling students say they're feeling is grief. 

They say they're sad over the loss of their fellow BGSU student, whether they knew Foltz or not. All of them also extend their condolences and prayers to the Foltz family.

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Multiple students says they are upset things like this happen, especially on their campus.

"All the students, we are all raging right now. We are all angry because this could have been avoided. And also, why was there even a party? We're in a pandemic, why is it even allowed?" said Jaelyn Nguyen, a junior at BGSU.

She believes it shouldn't take a student's death for the university to take action with issues of hazing in Greek life.

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BGSU freshman Alex Holwerda is in a fraternity and says his organization is anti-hazing, across the board. 

Because of the alleged hazing incident on Thursday, he fears that all Greek life on campus will now look bad.

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"That individual chapter, those individual members that were directly involved. It was their decision. It was their tradition," Holwerda said. "I'm all for traditions and rituals, but they have to be safe. It's unfortunate that it happened on our campus especially."

Both students say there is always room for improvement when it comes to hazing on college campuses.


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