BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — The Wood County Fairgrounds has already started to fill up as tractor pullers from around the world began moving their stuff in over the weekend for the 2019 National Tractor Pulling Championship.

Each year, the championship brings anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 people. But with all the construction in the area, there might be some concern for people getting around.

City officials told WTOL the routing of traffic for the tractor pullers has been unchanged from years past.

It's the visitors that will deal with the construction.

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"It's really the impact of the visitors, just understanding that there is an active construction project downtown. It doesn't alter the fact that businesses are still open. If people want to visit the downtown, people can certainly still do that," said Bowling Green's Public Information Officer, Joe Fawcett.

There will be signage and detours to try to make everything as smooth as possible. But at the end of the day, it has been business as usual for everyone shopping, working and living in downtown. 

The road work will progress and downtown will still have free parking for people who are looking to explore.

WTOL spoke with a few local businesses and they said they've been preparing for this week because it brings out a lot of business for them. 

They also said they don't expect any of the construction in the Bowling Green area to affect their business because the championships brings thousands of people regardless.

The championship is set to begin Thursday. 

Event by NTPA Truck and Tractor Pulling and National Tractor Pulling Championships on Thursday, August 17 2017 with 871 people interested and 719 people...