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Toledo plastic companies create device for protecting healthcare workers

The device is clear and can go over a patient's head, allowing nurses to still do their job.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Jeff Hood and his team at Allied Plastics have been busy over the past few days making nearly 150 intubation boxes for local hospitals. The item is quickly becoming valuable for healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We've done a lot of work for the hospitals in the past, they came up with this box and the first one we made was last Friday and since then we've probably made about 150 I guess," Hood said.

The box is clear and can go over a patient's head, allowing nurses to still do their job. And while it does not replace PPE, it provides an additional layer of protection. Potential COVID-19 patients can infect healthcare workers from a single droplet of spit they pass on. 

"Aerosolized particles occur when droplets that come out of a patient's body are lifted in the air, and actually circulate in the room with health care providers. When that happens, it increases the risk of exposure,"  ProMedica physician Dr. Brian Kaminski said.

The boxes Hood and his team are creating eliminate that exposure. Local doctors are impressed with how fast they have been able to fill the need. Despite this being a huge undertaking, Jeff isn't worried about charging anyone yet

"Right now I'm focused on putting product out and making sure they have it. And then when I have time we will invoice them," Hood said.

ProMedica officials say Dana Corporations has also helped them get more intubation boxes. So far, Allied Plastics has filled orders for UTMC and ProMedica. They are in the process of filling orders for Mercy Health facilities and other hospitals around the country. 

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