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How Toledo Police plan to fight violence in Toledo

There were a record of 70 homicides in Toledo in 2021, we talk with Toledo Chief of Police on how law-enforcement is looking to help our city.

TOLEDO, Ohio — In 2021 Toledo had a record number of homicides.

There was a total of 70 homicides last year and 39 of those homicides remain unsolved.

Toledo Chief of Police George Kral says there are multiple factors that created the spike of violence in Toledo.

50% of homicides in the city were/are gang-related, and that narcotics factor in as well, according to Kral.

He adds that the number of guns on the street added to the difficulty, citing that police took 1,744 guns off the streets in 2021, which is a record in Toledo.

But the Chief is looking forward to the future and how TPD can improve the crime rate in 2022 and drive homicide numbers down using data, education and technology.

Some of Chief Kral’s ideas for this year include having ShotSpotter expand into East Toledo, adding lights and partnering with organizations in the community.

“So, obviously, crime control isn't strictly a police department issue, I mean that’s our job but we need help from our partners in the city, and we're going to get with our federal partners and charge people federally whenever humanly possible, and we're just gonna be good stewards of the tax payers money and reduce these crimes. " said Kral.

The chief also wants residents to know that, in order to reduce the crime in our community, they need your help. If you see a crime, call the Crime Stoppers Hotline which is 419-255-1111 and you can remain anonymous.

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