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Copper Moon Studio prepared for shopping season during Stay-at-Home Advisory

The fused glass studio has offered take home art kits and curbside pickup.

HOLLAND, Ohio — The new Lucas County Stay-at-Home Advisory is landing right in the middle of holiday shopping season.

So how are locally owned small businesses who rely on that extra holiday sales bump adapting?

"In my 14 years I've been open, I'd say this is definitely the hardest bout I've ever had to go through." said Stacy Owen, owner and artist of Copper Moon Studio.

This time of year is usually the busiest for Copper Moon Studio on Airport Highway.

Since 2006, it has been a go-to local spot for fused glass art, especially their holiday-themed pieces.

But over the last few years, they have also had growing success with fused glass classes and Lil Chip Projects for the kids.

Owen says they had to adapt quickly earlier this year to stay open during the statewide stay-at-home order by putting together take-home art kits in place of classes and offering curbside pickup.

"We were able to give people the option to create their glass at home. So, we do curbside pickup, if you want you can just call is when you arrive, we'll bring the kit out to you. And then you just bring it back in a week or two, we'll fire it for you and finish it," said Owen.

Credit: Jon Monk
Copper Moon offers their entire gallery online for delivery or curbside pickup

Stacy says this new Lucas County advisory comes with just about the worst timing possible.

But with their entire gallery available online for pickup or delivery, she is confident the lessons learned at the beginning of the pandemic will be able to see her business through this current wave.

"Being able to have the kits ready and being able to do curbside, things like that. It's completely different now than what it was. So, we'll definitely be able to continue doing that and being to hopefully make it through this next round," said Owen

Credit: Jon Monk
To help during the stay at home order, Copper Moon offer take home art kits

Copper Moon Studio is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Sunday from Noon to 5 p.m.