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Stretching your dollar: how you can save money with moving expenses

Dan Cummins breaks down the best ways to hire a moving crew.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Moving to a new house or apartment can get expensive but there are still ways to save money even if you decide to hire some help. 

There are a lot of small companies in our area that are reasonably priced. You can move apartments and pay only a few hundred dollars. Even a four-bedroom house move can be under $1,000. 

However, you will have to do some of the work such as moving clothes, TVs, kitchen utensils, small boxes and furniture. 

For example, Perrysburg Moving rates are hourly-based so the best thing is to leave heavier boxes and furniture to the movers. 

“Most companies do an in home estimate. You can get an estimate or you can call for them to come by and give you an estimate. You can get a good idea with most companies charging an hourly rate, depending on what you want done you get an idea for the total amount,” Tim Ulmer from Perrysburg Moving said.  

When booking a mover, the best time to do it will depend on a lot of factors such as the size of the company and the time of the year you need it. 

“If you’re talking about mid summer, you really want to get in there within two weeks out and if it’s the dead of winter you may get squeezed in next day. It depends on the company. If they have eight guys, they’re less flexible than the company that has 25 guys,” Ulmer said.

Since moving companies usually charge by the hour, hire one that's in your area and won't have to drive a long way to get to you. 

Finally, tips are not required but if the crew hustled and did a great job for you, it is nice to throw them $10 to $20.