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Travel safety tips for the whole family

This year we're all looking forward to summer traveling and keeping the family safe while on the road is a priority.

TOLEDO, Ohio — With much of the country now open following more than a year of pandemic shutdown, we're all looking for a return to normalcy.

For many families, this includes summer traveling and keeping the family safe while traveling is a priority.

One way to do that is to remember all the normal stuff, like buckling up, giving the car a once over before you go, and getting enough rest before leaving so you aren't drowsy while driving.

You should also pack things to keep the kids entertained, because as Chris Tepedino with AutoInsurance.org says, screaming children in the back seat can be a problem.

"If you're driving with kids that can also be a big distraction as well, so keeping them occupied is important for driving safety."

You should also plan ahead and give yourself extra time to get to your destination and take note of what's in your vehicle in case of an accident.

Nicole Knepper with Mercy Health says, "anything in the car that's not fastened can be a projectile and hurt."

For example, those popular child mirrors mounted to the back of the seat are useful but can be a distraction and dangerous in certain situations.

"People like having those mirrors mounted to the back of their seats so they can see in the rear-view mirror, they can see their child in the back," Knepper said, "but those can become projectiles in a car accident."

Also, make sure your baby or young child is in a proper car seat, even when flying.

Once you arrive at your destination, if you're using an Uber, you can arrange ahead of time to have a car seat arrive with your ride.

And nothing says safety like a first aid kit. The one in your car should have all the basics plus a flashlight, flares, water, a blanket and a snack.

With COVID not quite out of the picture yet, medical experts suggest you get vaccinated, check the COVID-19 spread rates where you plan to visit and pack extra masks and hand sanitizer.

Summer vacations are meant to be a fun time with the family but keeping safety in mind will make those memories that much sweeter. 


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