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How to avoid overindulging this holiday season

It's easy to eat too much this time of the year. Dietitians say there are ways to keep your eating in check.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Holiday treats are hard to resist, especially when tray-after-tray passes through the office.

"I know it gets tough because everyone wants to bring all their treats in, have you try them, but you just have to have a little control," says Andrew Taylor, who was caught up with at a local bakery.

It's something dietitians call moderation. 

"Maybe the way that we enjoy them is just in an appropriate serving size," said Mercy Health Registered Dietitian Madeline Perry. "So cut a slice of pie that makes sense for the amount of room you have left in your stomach." 

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Perry encourage folks to listen to their bodies. Learn what it feels like to be hungry. Maybe you get a little "hangry." Maybe your stomach growls. 

Also learn what it feels like to be full. 

"Try to not go overboard because nobody likes the feeling of overeating and being too stuffed, because then you can't get off the couch to enjoy your family that traveled all this way," Perry said.

Perry says to also think about what you're choosing to eat. You don't have to eat something just because it's on your plate. 

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"Stop and realize, 'Wow, this tastes really good' or 'I don't actually like this item. Maybe I should stop eating it,'" she said.

Perry also has a tip for those holiday parties. She recommends snacking on some veggies before you leave the house. That way you'll be getting some nutrition and you won't be starving when you arrive. 

If you feel like you've already overdone it, "You're still gonna wake up the next morning and start a new day and you're able to incorporate some fruits and vegetables that day, or some physical activity," Perry said. "Get out and go on a walk with your family."

Perry says you don't have to wait until 2022 to restart healthy habits.

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