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Moderate to severe algae bloom is forecast for Lake Erie this summer

Prediction is for bloom size alone and doesn't account for potential toxicity

TOLEDO, Ohio — The first algae bloom forecast was released today by NOAA and it's potentially not great news for Lake Erie.

A moderate to severe bloom is forecast later this summer.

Credit: NCCOS
Total bioavailable phosphorus (TBP) load accumulated from the Maumee River near Waterville to date. The right axis denotes the TBP load from selected previous years. Loads through May 1 fall between 2016 and 2018, both moderate bloom years.

The models used for prediction take into account spring rains and runoff that will help feed the bloom. 

This forecast is for bloom size and does not attempt to forecast toxicity. 

To view the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science's full forecast, click HERE.  

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