TOLEDO (WTOL) - A First Alert Day Continues as more nasty winter weather is possible tonight and overnight.

The temperatures will hold near and just above freezing this afternoon giving a chance for roads to remain largely ice freeze. Tree limbs and powerlines may continue to strain with the ice load. A few rain showers will largely end early in the evening as gusty winds pick up. Winds to 45 mph are possible which may lead to more power outages. As the temperature quickly drops back below freezing tonight a re-freeze on roads will be possible. Be careful, especially on under treated roads.

Friday will be yet another storm system and a FIRST ALERT DAY. Rain showers possible early in the day that could possibly change to snow Friday afternoon.

Brisk and colder to start the weekend on Saturday with highs back toward 30 degrees. Snow may return on Sunday with highs in the low 30s.