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Sunny and comfortable with upper 80s highs for Sunday, Monday will be dry and warm to kick-off the week | WTOL 11 Weather

A few clouds will move in Sunday afternoon as temperatures rise into the upper 80s. Monday is Independence Day! Be prepared for the heat to crank up to the 90s.

TOLEDO, Ohio —

Sunday Morning Forecast

  • Today: Sunny and comfortable
  • Monday: Dry and warm
  • Next week: Stormy weather ahead

Temperatures sit in the mid 60s this morning under sunny skies. Expect a mild morning as temperatures rise into the upper-80s again today. A few clouds will move in this afternoon, but still expect a bright sunny day.

By tonight temperatures will still hang around the lower 80s by sundown. Overnight lows will drop into the lower 60s tonight.

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Monday: Monday is Independence Day and it will be another bright and sunny day but the heat will crank up even more as we start the week.

High temperatures will soar to 90°! It will still be a good day to enjoy some outdoor activities! Monday evening will feel warm with temperatures in the 80s even after sunset.

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Tuesday: Monday night into Tuesday, storms will start to move in our area with heavy downpours possible at times. Expect thunderstorms to roll through each day through Thursday.

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The first weather disturbance will arrive Monday night into Tuesday, delivering rain and thunder.  Rounds of rain and storms will continue through Thursday. 

While none of these days will be a total washout, downpours and thunderstorms could deliver needed rainfall for gardeners and farmers and strong to severe weather risk. 

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Dry weather will finally return into next weekend. Download the WTOL 11 weather app for the latest 10-day forecast to stay up-to-date on this active weather pattern!

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Credit: WTOL 11
Credit: WTOL 11

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