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Immense amount of work,money going into James Worley murder trial

Jury selection for Worley, who is facing 17 charges in the kidnapping and murder of Sierah begins Monday.

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Jury selection for James Worley, who is facing 17 charges in the kidnapping and murder of Sierah Joughin begins Monday. More than 200 jurors have been summoned and will report for jury duty.

Final preparations for this trial is what was happening at the Fulton County Courthouse Friday.

A lot of work has gone into preparing for trial and that comes with a hefty price tag. Right now the clerks office is reporting they have spent over $10,000 on this case and that bill will grow and the trial gets underway.

There will be 120 jurors who will report to the courthouse Monday. The other half will be questioned by attorneys and the judge Tuesday.

The process is expected to wrap up within a week so that opening statements and the first witness can be called to the stand the following week.

Sierah's family have been at every court hearing leading up to this trial. The state has requested that 24 seats be saved for her family and friends throughout the entire trial.

And while they are preparing for what will be a very difficult month, as they will have to listen to details about Sierah's death, the Facebook group, Justice for Sierah, has been trying to bring the community together to show them support.

Their group has been selling tee shirts at a discounted price for several weeks. The group is asking those who purchase them to wear them in March around town to spread the simple message that they want Justice for Sierah.

And with that, the judge just expanded the ban on clothing either in support or against either party. T-shirts and other clothing are now banned. Not just inside in the courthouse, but they are also not allowed to be worn in parking lots, streets and sidewalks surrounding the courthouse.