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Ohio midterm trends: How does 2022 voter turnout compare to the last 20 years?

Over a 20-year period, midterm election turnout rates in Ohio tended to stay steady, with Lucas County often voting at a lower rate than state-wide.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Some elections cycles see more participation than others. While presidential elections generally see the highest voter turn out, primaries and local elections often see fewer. As with their middling position two years after a presidential election, midterms usually fall somewhere in between regarding voter turnout rates. 

With the 2022 midterm wrapping up, take a look at how Lucas County and Ohio voter turnout fared both in Tuesday's election and in every midterm during the last 20 years. 

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Since 2002, voter turnout in Ohio midterm elections has surpassed 50% of registered voters in three out of the six elections. According to the Ohio Board of Elections, in 2018, 55.72% of registered voters voted--the highest in the last 20 years. 

The three elections includes 2022. Although Tuesday's results are still unofficial, the 50% mark was passed again: over 4 million Ohioans voted, which is about 51.05% of registered voters. 

The lowest state-wide voter turnout came four years prior to the highest: in 2014, only 40.65% voted. 

Lucas County voter turnout

From the data collected, Lucas County tends to vote at slightly lower rates than the state-wide totals. In 20 years, only in 2002 were Lucas County voting rates higher than the statewide average, exceeding them by 1.56%, when the county voted at 48.74% and state-wide turnout came to 47.18%.

The highest rate of Lucas County midterm election participation in 20 years was in 2018, coming in at 50.34%. The lowest was in 2014, when only 35.01% of voters came out to the polls. 

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How does Ohio compare to other states? 

Again, while election results are still unofficial, many states have published voter turnout rates for the 2022 midterms. As of 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Michigan turnout was 47.21% and Indiana was 37%. 

As the results of the election are finalized, more states will publish the state-wide and county voter turnout rates. 

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Where to find more data

For more information regarding voter turnout and election results in Lucas County, click here. For 2022 and historical election results dating back to 1940, click here


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