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Democratic Ohio Army veteran announces run for Congress, challenging Jim Jordan

Jeffrey Sites says he is pledging to be a voice for the middle class in a Congress that works for the wealthy and powerful.
Credit: Jeffrey Sites campaign

TOLEDO, Ohio — Democratic U.S. Army veteran and warehouse manager Jeff Sites formally announced Monday he will run for Congress for Ohio's fourth Congressional district, challenging long-time U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Findlay. 

Sites says he is pledging to be a voice for the middle class in a Congress that works for the wealthy and powerful.

While politicians just talk about the challenges average Americans face, Sites says he has lived them. He's been laid off and unable to find a job he could provide for his family with. He's been hurt when he couldn't afford to see a doctor and skipped medication to make ends meet, according to his campaign.

You hear stories like mine a lot in our neck of the woods. We’re in tough times yet again, and we could use leaders who will look out for regular working folks. Instead, we get empty promises and pandering from professional politicians,” Sites said. “It’s time we had someone in Washington who gets what our lives are like and is willing to stand up for us.”

Sites says he will focus on the real kitchen table concerns for households like his. He aims to make it a little easier to care for your family at every stage of life, including pushing for affordable and accessible health care for all and an economy that works for working folks. He will specifically focus on ensuring long-term economic recovery post-pandemic includes the middle class, not just the folks on top, according to his campaign. 

“I was out of work for 22 months during the Great Recession, and it took me years to get back everything I lost. The billionaires and the big businesses were back on their feet a lot faster than ordinary people because the politicians weren’t there for us,” Sites said. “Things have to be different this time.”

Sites criticized his opponent for being, "one of Donald Trump’s key enablers, shamelessly promoting the conspiracy theories about the election that led to the attack on the U.S. Capitol and leading the effort to tear up our ballots and steal the White House from President Biden." 

“Jim’s gotten himself a lot of attention for being hyper-partisan and dangerously extremist. He’s helped a lot of major donors pad their bank accounts. He’s been the best co-conspirator Trump could ask for. But he hasn’t done squat for Ohio in 14 years in Washington,” Sites said. “We deserve a congressman who will fight for working families as hard as Jim Jordan fought to undermine democracy.”

WTOL 11 has reached out to Jordan's office for comment but has not heard back. 

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