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Think you’ve spotted a UFO? It could be one of these lenticular clouds

Don’t mistake these clouds for alien spacecrafts!
UFO clouds cloud landscape, Cape Town, South Africa

Author: Adrianna Rodríguez

Published: 7:56 PM EDT April 22, 2019

Updated: 7:58 PM EDT April 22, 2019

These formations in the sky may seem out of this world but they are in fact of this planet.

Lenticular clouds have been often mistaken for UFO sightings across the country because of their smooth discus shape and the fact that they don’t move like regular clouds, Amaze Lab explains.

They’re also mistake for alien spacecrafts because they seem like they’re hovering over mountainous regions, when they’re in fact continually forming and dissipating instead of moving.

Lenticular clouds are created when stable, moist air travels over mountains. If the temperature in the region drops below the local dew point, the air will cool and condensate creating these clouds.

So next time you think you see a UFO, take a harder look because you could be witnessing one of these incredible looking clouds.

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