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RNC speaker supported wives deferring to husbands on political decisions

Abby Johnson wrote on Twitter she supported bringing back 'household voting,' giving the husband final say if there was a political disagreement.

An anti-abortion activist who spoke Tuesday during the Republican National Convention previously advocated for something called “household voting,” saying wives should defer to their husbands on making decisions related to politics.

In May, Abby Johnson wrote on Twitter that she “would support bringing back household voting,” later explaining that, if spouses were to disagree, “Then they would have to decide on one vote. In a Godly household, the husband would get the final say.”

Johnson previously worked for Planned Parenthood, becoming a vocal abortion opponent after saying she quit years ago following an abortion of a woman who was 13 weeks pregnant.

She founded a ministry that lobbies abortion clinics employees to leave their jobs, and a movie based around her life story was released last year.

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