FREMONT (WTOL) - Area students spent the weekend learning to connect the dots at Terra State Community College in Fremont.

They came to take part in a code-a-thon.

Teams were formed and members collaborated on how to code, program and build their own web site.

On Sunday presentations were made and three winning teams were crowned.

“I’m very interested in how things work. Figuring things out and coding is troubleshooting everything," said Savannah Sosbe of Springfield High School.

And that will come in handy for anyone planning a career in internet technology.

“Gaming production. Stuff like that. Appealing to me. Always liked that,” said Josh Ross of Fremont Middle School.

The group ‘We Connect the Dots’ sponsored the event.

Coding jobs are in high demand and offer high pay.

It’s said students can learn more about coding in this one weekend than they would in an entire college semester.

“There are tons of openings of jobs going unfilled. Not enough qualified people for them,” said Elizabeth Royster of ‘We Connect the Dots.’

Each team addressed a world issue such as mental health or proper dieting.

MacKenzie Jarrett of Bellevue High School and her team developed a site focusing on the benefits of music therapy to cure what ails you.

“It helps them relax, think better and to get themselves better through music,” said MacKenzie.

And it’s being done one line of code at a time.