TOLEDO, Ohio — Graduation season is here and with the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is getting creative. Mom's House, a daycare that helps single low-income moms while their working on their degrees held a separate ceremony for each of this year's graduates.

Ma'Nysha Burton's entire high school career has been about overcoming obstacles, including having to graduate during the coronavirus. Now, she's going to college.

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"I'm just going to go as far as I can for college and my own business and I did this for my daughter, and I did this for y'all because I wanted to thank you," Burton said.

With her hair braided in maroon to match her sash and school colors,  Burton takes a short walk in front of Mom's House to celebrate graduation with her support system.

"The feeling is really unmatched right now because this is a major goal that I have accomplished for me and my toddler," Burton said.

Pregnant at 14 , a mother at 15, Burton didn't think she'd even graduate high school. Then she got involved in Mom's House last August.

 "Mom's House means everything to me just with the fact that they inspire me every single day, pushed me when no one else did, helped me in many, many ways that I can't describe," Burton said.

Now, with a full ride scholarship from Pete Kadens who surprised the entire senior class at Scott High School, she has been accepted to college.

She plans to start at Owens Community College and hoping to eventually transfer to University of Toledo. 

"It was everything, the only thing I could think about was my career. Only because this is the first step to me getting to where I want to be in life," Burton said.

Burton wants to stay in Toledo with a plan to go into music, own her own business, and encourage her daughter Patience with her story of perseverance.

"This is going to inspire her to graduate too, not just high school, but college too. Just because I am," Burton said.

Burton and her daughter will continue to be part of Mom's house as she begins her college career.