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Toledo PhD recipient holds free webinars for those interested in investing

After early life struggles, Dr. Victor J. Coleman Jr. turned his life around and now works to help others achieve their highest potential.

TOLEDO, Ohio — After several arrests and run-ins with the law, Toledo native, Dr. Victor J. Coleman Jr., went back to school and eventually earned his PhD in business management.

Now Dr. Coleman is using his knowledge of business and finances to help others in the community make better decisions with their money.

His company, Flight School, is offering a free weekly webinar on Tuesday nights to anyone interested in stocks and financial investing.

Coleman says his course can help both new and experienced investors.

“It’s for the new beginner investor and it's for the intermediate," said Coleman. "That one that’s maybe in there, but they’re a little confused. Because I found a lot of people who have been reaching out to me were asking for clarifications of things that they probably should’ve learned early on., but now that they’re already in the game, for say, they realize and they need to go back to square one.”

Coleman’s Tuesday webinar begins at 7 p.m.

You can RVSP for the event by visiting his website vjcolemanjr.com.

“Money is a tool right? So, like a hammer, you can either build something with a hammer or you can destroy something with a hammer. But you must first know what the mission is, and you give yourself a mission with your money. Then you can set out on a path to make the necessary changes.“

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Coleman grew up on Ayers Avenue in west Toledo where he began getting into trouble at an early age. 

After struggling with low self-esteem, depression, drug and gang affiliations he says he found inspiration from his children, who looked up to him, and from his mother, who always believed in him.

Since successfully defending his dissertation and earning his PhD he has been encouraging others to reach their highest potential.

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