TOLEDO, Ohio — The clock is ticking, for municipalities to reach a deal on a Regional Water Agreement. There is now less than a month until the October 18 deadline.

On Thursday, members of the Sylvania City Council went on a tour of the Collins Park Water Treatment Facility to get a better idea of where they would be getting their water if they sign.

"There's so much happening here, it seems it would feel foolish not to consider the contract," Council President Mary Westphal said. "What we learned is that there's exceptional leadership  here and they are working very hard every day to do the best that they can for our community in delivering high quality water."

Council members and Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough were able to ask questions from experts on the tour. While looking at the existing infrastructure, they also learned about improvements and expansions being made at the facility.

For Stough, he said the politics of how the facility will be run under the agreement is what keeps the city interested.

"It has been politically run in the past and the water rates were set politically, but we believe the water authority takes that away to a water commission of professional utility directors, one from each community," Stough said.

About half a billion dollars are being spent to bring in ozone treatment facilities and expand upon existing basins. Stough said it looks very different than a tour he took just a few years ago.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements over the last two years. I was here five years ago and I witnessed where the roof was caving in over some of the water pools," Stough said.

Sylvania is having a public meeting on the vote September 30.

So far, Lucas County and Monroe County have signed on. Other areas, including Sylvania have until October 18 to decide.