For kids like Kaci Schwiefert, playing on the playground has not come easy; until now. 

Tuesday afternoon, Kaci was able to test out Rossford's brand new all-inclusive playground at Veterans Memorial park.

"She was very excited! This is now her destination place for the summer," Kaci's mom Connie Schwiefert said.

The city already has a handicap swing they installed last summer, and now the new playground is right beside it. 

Parts of the playground, like the monkey bars, are both handicap and able-body friendly, allowing all kids to play together regardless of their physical capabilities.

"It just opens it up for Kaci to play with everybody. Not just to be on the swing by herself, but to play with friends of her age and all ages," Schwiefert said.

Parks and recreation director Toby Ledesma helped make the project a reality.

"A lot of the times, the families are mixed. So, instead of just seeking out one destination for one type of kid, this is a place an entire family can come and it has something for everybody," Ledesma said.

Grant money and funds through the city's budget made this park possible. Leaders know this project is well worth the cost because it brings together the entire community. They hope it will set an example for neighboring cities. 

"We care about all the kids and we want all kids both in our community and outside our community to be able to come and enjoy facilities that cater to everyone," Rossford mayor Neil MacKinnon III said.

Needless to say, the playground is Kaci approved.