TIFFIN, Ohio — Another new business is moving into downtown Tiffin and it's expected to be the city's first boutique fitness studio.

Donna Gross attended Heidelberg university in the early 90's, and now her two sons are also attending and on her visits back to Tiffin, she was inspired by the ongoing downtown revitalization.

From that inspiration, Gross has announced a second location for her Relevé Barre Studio in downtown Tiffin in the future 131 arcade on Washington Street.

Currently Gross runs a barre studio in Birmingham Michigan, which runs barre classes along with yoga, pilates and zoomba.

Gross said she will be hiring six to eight employees and is thrilled at the central location.

"And this location just seemed perfect and it's right in the middle of downtown and people are moving down here, they're living down here. nd what better than to have what we need than with a fitness studio, restaurants that they can come to and walk to and I'm really excited that this is going to be in the heart of downtown Tiffin," said Gross.

Now there is currently no concrete opening date set for Relevé Barre Studio, but the goal is to have the renovation process complete by early Fall.