FINDLAY, Ohio — Experts believe there are only five remaining 13 Star Flags remaining intact from the Revolutionary War era, and you can see one of them right in Flag City, USA.

One of the 13 Star Flags, the only one of its kind available for public display, can be seen in Findlay at the Hancock Historical Museum through July 5.

The flag is owned by the Mooney Family of southern Ohio and is believed to have been used during the Revolutionary War at Fort Independence in Boston.

Textile expert Dr. Rabbit Goody says the threads, weaving and sewing techniques used in the making of the flag are consistent with those used in the late 1700s.

Dr. Goody also says the flag's shape, appearance, wear and oral history are consistent with other flags surviving from the late 18th century.

13 Star Flag description

The flag is one of the country's oldest and rarest flags.