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TPD: Body found in Hunters Ridge apartment pool, believed to be missing 3-year-old Braylen Noble

Official confirmation and identification will come from the Lucas County Coroner's Office, TPD said. Braylen Noble was reported missing in a 911 call placed Sept. 4.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It's believed that the body of 3-year-old Braylen Noble, who had been missing since Friday, was pulled from the pool near the Hunters Ridge apartment on Wednesday. 

The official confirmation and identification will come from the Lucas County Coroner's Office, TPD said from the scene Wednesday afternoon.

The pool was searched by divers on Friday, but nothing was found then. That tragically changed, six days later, as it's believed the toddler who was nonverbal and has autism, was discovered in the water. 

This is now considered a death investigation and is still an active investigation, Toledo police say. 

Braylen's mother and grandmother were escorted away from the apartment complex by police. They were not wearing handcuffs.

During the initial 911 call placed by Braylen's grandmother on Friday, she noted that they had searched the apartment and outside at the complex and saw no sign of the missing boy. 

Police say it's common to revisit already searched areas to see if anything was missed, and that's what happened Wednesday. 

Wednesday, September 9

Credit: WTOL
Crime scene tape is being put up at the Hunters Ridge apartments where 3-year-old Braylen Noble went missing.


New attention was being paid to the pool at the Hunters Ridge apartment complex where Braylen went missing. 

At 1:15 p.m., Toledo police and fire personnel asked everyone on the scene to back away from the pool/gazebo at the Hunters Ridge apartment as they taped off the area. Yellow police tape is up in the area and blocked off the pool. As of 1:33 p.m., police officers entered the gated and taped-off pool area. 

Toledo fire and rescue personnel were seen peering over the fence into the pool and officers went through the gate and into the pool area. 

The pool was searched on Friday by first responders and divers but found nothing. On Wednesday, a person with a long pool loop probed the water. 

By 1:45 p.m. the yellow-taped perimeter had been expanded to encompass the gazebo where people had been meeting to search, the pool itself and part of the parking lot area. 

No word had been given as of 1:45 p.m. on what, if anything, had been found. 

Commotion started breaking out around 1:55 p.m. at the complex, with yelling and shouting, and a crowd of people started moving to one area where an apparent fight was breaking out. Police moved to quell the commotion.

A fire truck made it to the scene at 1:56 p.m. A large blue tarp was put up over the pool at 2 p.m., shielding the view of the entire pool area. 

By 2:20 p.m., loud shouting and screaming was heard and a crowd of onlookers moved toward the sound, which was coming from the apartment building of Braylen Noble's mother. A crowd was heard calling out Braylen's mother, chanting, "We want justice." Police were on scene to prevent people from entering the front of the apartment building. The crowd then moved to the back of the apartment, still chanting. 

At 2:35 p.m., a woman was placed into a Toledo police vehicle and taken away. A police officer said that the mother and grandmother "left" but did not say whether they were taken into custody. 

At 2:40 p.m., Toledo police said that the body of a small boy was pulled from the pool at the apartment complex and they believe it to be the body of 3-year-old Braylen Noble. 

The FBI and Toledo police were on the scene early Wednesday at the apartment complex where 3-year-old Braylen Noble was last seen.

The toddler was last seen Friday after family says he may have fallen out their apartment window at the Hunters Ridge apartment complex in south Toledo.

Several FBI personnel were seen walking around throughout the complex as well as Toledo police officers as of Wednesday afternoon, though they haven’t told us what they’re doing.

Toledo fire and rescue is also helping law enforcement search the surrounding areas. They flew a drone up earlier around a dam area to get a bird's-eye view of the terrain.

A spokesperson for TPD said Wednesday morning that Braylen's mom and grandma were interviewed again last night, although they did not say what for.

As far as police’s search yesterday, the spokesperson said nothing of significance to report was found or has been found thus far.

Toledo police also are looking into elements of the 911 call made by Braylen's grandmother when the child went missing on Friday. Many people who heard the 911 call reached out to WTOL 11, saying they heard a person say what sounds like, "I killed him," 18 seconds into the call.

The 911 call was released yesterday; you can listen to the call below.

Search parties will again meet at the Hunter Ridge apartments Wednesday to look for Braylen rain or shine, as volunteers say they will not give up until he is found.

Tuesday, September 8

At 4 p.m., Toledo police were searching a half-opened drain on South Byrne Road. A search volunteer said that the drain was not opened during previous pass-throughs when looking for the missing child. 

Police have been searching the area of the creek under the bridge on South Byrne Road as well as the other side. 

A volunteer earlier alerted TPD to what turned out to be animal bones. 

Toledo police also confirmed on Tuesday that detectives are investigating further into the 911 call that was released to the media. Many viewers contacted WTOL 11, claiming they heard the words "I killed him," spoken by an unidentified person in the background of the call, 18 seconds in. 

The identity of the person who spoke the words has not been confirmed by TPD.

Police also confirmed on Tuesday that the woman who placed the 911 call is Braylen's grandmother.  

Toledo police on Tuesday released the 911 call placed Friday to alert police that Braylen is missing. You can click to listen below (exact address and phone number have been redacted): 

A woman named "Bobbie" placed the call to 911, starting calmly and growing increasingly upset as the call progresses.

Another woman is heard in the background during the call as well who is giving Bobbie information such as the apartment number and what Braylen's last name is. 

"He crawled out this window of these apartments," Bobbie is heard saying at the 57 second mark. 

"Do you think he's hurt?" the dispatcher asks.

"I'm hoping he's not. I'm hoping he's OK, but we don't know where he's at. We walked the whole grounds," she responds.

During the call, it's reported that Braylen was wearing a shirt and a pull-up type diaper. 

The woman said they searched for him for about a half-hour before making the call. The dispatcher inquires where the woman has searched for the child, and "Bobbie" says the inside of the apartment as well as outside has been searched. 

The 911 call lasts about 3 minutes and 35 seconds. 

Volunteers are still signing up for the search at the gazebo at the Hunters Ridge Apartments, although there were fewer volunteers Tuesday morning than Monday and over the weekend.

The search coordinator and said around 15 volunteers were out searching as of noon around the complex.

Searchers are planting orange flags if they see anything suspicious as well as to mark places they’ve already searched.

Police were out here at the complex Monday following up on tips, knocking on doors and reinterviewing people.

We also learned yesterday the FBI was searching a trash storage location in Michigan.

One volunteer says it’s his first time out there Tuesday morning but he’s ready to contribute to find Braylen any way he can.

"I happen to know these woods real well. I used to live in this apartment complex. I used to run my dogs back in the woods so I figured knowing the terrain would maybe be helpful," said Jesse Jordan.

The FBI continues to assist Toledo police in the search for Braylen.

They continue to ask the public to contact law enforcement with any information on his whereabouts.

A reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the successful discovery of Braylen. 

Police and volunteers wrapped up Monday's search around midnight.

As of now, there has been no trace of the missing Toledo toddler.

If you would like to help to look for Braylen, meet at the Hunters Ridge apartment complex on Gibraltar Heights Driver in Toledo to get assigned a group and a location to search. Volunteers say they will continue the search for Braylen rain or shine.

Volunteers plan to search on Nebraska Ave. on Tuesday, searching in apartment complexes, in the woods and in Swan Creek park.

Volunteer organizer Kim Sorter says they hope to get as many people to help look for Braylen as they can, but are asking that no one bring children with them to search as some areas can be dangerous.

Volunteers should wear long sleeve shirts, pants and hiking boots.

Toledo police have used K9 officers, searched every inch of the apartment complex including in the water and have even expanded the search into Michigan. Police are asking anyone with even the slightest information

There were more than 100 volunteers assisting in the search for Braylen on Monday, including Braylen's mother. Police say they are aware of the threats on social media toward her, but say the family has been cooperating in the investigation.

More information about what you need to know to volunteer to look for Braylen can be found under Monday's headline below.

Monday, September 7

The search continues Monday as Braylen Noble is still missing. Police and search crews looked all weekend for the three-year-old and aren't giving up.

WTOL spoke to Kim Sorter, one of the volunteers organizing the searches for Braylen, who says they are expanding the search to a three-mile radius on Labor Day.

Anyone 18 years or older wishing to join in the search for Braylen can go to the Hunters Ridge apartment complex Monday morning. A command post has been set up the white gazebo in the park for volunteers, and Sorter says they are going to organize groups of three or more to go out and look for Braylen.

Sorter says volunteers should bring masks, gloves and walking sticks if possible to help you look through the woods near the apartment complex.

Search crews will be venturing out down Airport, Arlington and Byrne on Monday, and several people are needed to help canvas the area. Sorter says they are also looking for a large group to go out to Swan Creek.

If you aren't able to join in the search but still want to help, you can bring water and snacks to the volunteer command post. You can also hang flyers with pictures of Braylen around the community.

Anyone who sees or hears anything about Braylen should contact the police immediately. Volunteers are reminded not to touch anything they find.

As of noon, there were at least 50 people on a grid search going upstream, searching within a 3-mile radius. Volunteers are also going around putting up flyers in the neighborhood.

Credit: WTOL
More than 50 volunteers searching for 3-year-old Braylen Noble Monday morning. The search was expanded to a 3-mile radius around the apartment complex and up creek.

Braylen's mom was out with the search party again Monday morning, and she has been helping since day 1.

She was questioned last night by police but she was not taken into custody.

His mom told WTOL 11 Sunday night that Braylen last was seen in his bedroom. She was in the back balcony and his grandmother was in the living room.

There was a window open, so the assumption is he fell out the window because the screen was pushed in but his mom didn’t see him actually fall.

Braylen is non-verbal and has autism, but he does cry a lot, she said. 

She shared videos on Monday of the boy riding a tricycle in what appears to be a therapy setting. 

Search organizer Sorter is asking that the public stop the accusations and threats toward Braylen's mother.

Family members of Braylen and neighbors have been questioned by police as the search continues, but no arrests have been made. 

The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information. The investigation is ongoing.

Sunday, September 6

Toledo police continued their search for the 3-year-old along with volunteers from the community on Sunday.

The FBI also confirms that they are assisting in the search.

Just after 9 p.m. WTOL 11 spoke with Braylen's mother Dajnae Cox at the apartment complex.

Cox clarified she can't be sure that Braylen fell out of the window, but based on where Braylen and Braylen's grandmother were in the apartment at the time, and because she saw the window the screen was pushed out, she can't think of any other possibility. 

She said there's no way Braylen could have snuck past both her and Braylen's grandmother, as both were in the apartment at the time.

Braylen's mother says she was not arrested on Sunday, although there were rumors that she was.

She is also asking for people to join in the search for her son.

Around 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, the FBI - Cleveland Division announced an award of up to $5,000 for information leading to the successful recovery of Braylen.

Anyone with information is asked to call 419-255-1111.

Agents are speaking with family members, neighbors, and urge anyone that may have info to get in touch with law enforcement.

Searchers began looking for Braylen early in the morning on Sunday in the area around Hunters Ridge including at surrounding apartment complexes and around Swan Creek.

Dive teams also searched the water behind the apartments on Sunday afternoon but were unable to turn up any signs of the child.

At 4 p.m., searchers and members of Braylen's family held a moment of silence in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

Braylen's family also asked that people stop spreading negative rumors on social media about what may have happened to the missing boy.

Credit: WTOL
Police, FBI agents and volunteers from around the area are still searching for 3-year-old Braylen Noble, who went missing on Friday.

Saturday, September 5

Around 7 p.m. on Saturday, searchers said they found a blanket that had blood on it in a cemetery across the street from the Hunters Ridge Apartments.

However, Braylen’s mother, upon looking at it, said the blanket did not belong to the family.

A separate group of searchers also found what appeared to be a freshly dug hole in the woods nearby that had a two-by-four board next to it.

According to a witness, a police officer who saw the hole said it had not been there before.

Police stress that neither of these developments can be conclusively linked to the 3-year-old's disappearance at this time and they are still investigating.

Credit: WTOL
For the second day, Toledo Police and volunteers searched the area around the apartment where police say 3-year-old Braylen Noble went missing on Friday.

K9s units were once again deployed in the Swan Creek area near Gibraltar Heights Drive on Saturday. 

Friday, September 4

On Friday night Toledo police wrapped up search efforts for the missing 3-year-old boy around 10 p.m. Crews said visibility issues were the cause for suspending the search. 

Police said his mother is not a suspect nor do they suspect foul play. 

Braylen Noble, 3, was reported missing on Friday from the 3400 block of Gibraltar Heights Drive at the Hunters Ridge apartments.

The search began around 12:30 p.m. Friday when Braylen's mother called police because she couldn't find her son.

She said he jumped or fell out of a third-floor apartment window shortly after 12 p.m. and she hasn't seen him since.

Officers say they looked throughout the entire apartment complex and knocked on doors at all of the surrounding buildings to look for the boy.

Credit: WTOL

They also looked behind the apartment, where there is a body of water.

There were rumors of him being found, however, officials said those are just rumors and they've found no sign of Braylen.

The child last was seen wearing a long-sleeved red and white Mickey Mouse shirt. 

Braylen is nonverbal, police said. 

Toledo Police are searching the areas of South Byrne Road and Airport Highway, and the area by the apartment complex in the 3400 block of Gibraltar Heights Drive. 

Credit: TPD
Toledo Police K9 units are searching the wooded area behind the apartment complex on Gibraltar Heights where 3-year-old Braylen Noble went missing Friday.

They were aided by Toledo Fire and Rescue as well, however, TFRD have ceased their portion of the search. TPD is continuing to look or Braylen.

Toledo Metroparks officers also assisted police in the search. Teams conducted an area search of surrounding buildings, dumpsters, under vehicles and more on Friday, according to police. 

Drones were deployed to assist the search and Toledo Fire and Rescue Department's water rescue unit was also deployed to Swan Creek to help search. 

Rescuers said the terrain was too difficult to put a boat in the water behind the apartment building. K9 units were also employed to help search.

Police say the child's mother was taken to the Safety Building Friday as a matter of protocol in such search situations. 

If you see Braylen, you are asked to call 911 immediately. 

Credit: Noble Family
Missing child Braylen Noble, 3.



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