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Sylvania teacher shares reality of returning to school during coronavirus

A strong message from a Sylvania teacher gaining some traction on social media about returning to school in the fall.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — Dan Greenberg made a post on Facebook to help parents understand the realities of what school officials are feeling to as they make plans to return to school in August.

Greenberg is the president of the Sylvania Education Association.

"We find ourselves, no matter which path we take, coming up with road blocks, significant impediments to one plan or another and things that are going to make it a less than perfect plan," Greenberg said.

He is also an English teacher at Southview High School. He said he made the Facebook post after feeling the impacts of parent's frustration as schools begin releasing plans to reopen.

He calls this a "no-win" situation. That's because the circumstances are always changing and area schools have limited resources.

"You're working your heart out to try and figure things out and make schools the best for the kids and people are online bashing you and saying how horrible of a job and we're going to pull our kids, it's disheartening," Greenberg said.

He stressed that teachers and and leaders are preparing everyday, but the reality is they don't entirely know what to be prepared for.

At any given moment, they could have to move online again. He said teaching online is very different than in-person.

"What we know today about our plan in Sylvania, or any district, Maumee, Washington Local, it could very easily change from now and when the school year starts. And, I think that parents might assume that means 'well they didn't plan very well', actually we did," he said.

Greenberg understands parents wanting all the answers. He said school leaders and teachers are parents too.

They want to have the best and safest space for your child to learn in the upcoming school year. 

He said have patience, this is the first time they've had to create a reopening plan.

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